I need to publish a series of PDF document data in real time, but it is a headache for me that my PDF does not look user-friendly. The data on PDF looks like been printed, faxed and scanned, and the text is not so clear. And some of the PDF's data is tilted. So I'm looking for a tool to help me solve this problem, which can better display the PDF data information automatically. I guess converting each page of the PDF into images would be great. Image might look more clear and natural.

Obviously this process needs to be automated. I have tried to extract text using a PDF extractor, but obviously this doesn't help me much. The layout of the text is not completely preserved while the extraction. So I need a PDF to image converter to help me with the automation process. There are no requirements for image formats, as long as they are relatively lightweight and readable.

This article on XsPDF.com is what you looking for, check out: Converting PDF to images automatically


XsPDF is an ideal solution for converting PDF pages to images. It is reliable and has many configurable options. Images like png, bmp, jpeg, tiff, ect. are available. You can add reference to it and use its mature API.

What i concern is what if your input PDFs are truly scanned documents, a better solution is not to convert the PDF pages to images, but to extract the images from the PDF. Because it is likely that the PDF you import is a huge image itself, and converting the image may be more time consuming than extracting the image.

You should try to simply find the image in the PDF and then extract it, such as using API to extract the JPG image directly from PDF file. The programming code to implement this function is also very simple, you will be able to quickly and easily extract image data from PDF file.

Maybe you can try another way to achieve PDF to image conversion, such as compiling an image printer program. I have successfully used XsPDF SDK conversion function to create a program that successfully converts PDF to JPEG images. There are many supported image formats. You can choose the output image format based on your needs.