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Insert a new page or group of pages in the PDF document.

PDF insertion is adding pages (blank pages or a PDF file) to the current PDF document.

.NET PDF inserting control allows developers to insert or append a new page either before or after the current page in a PDF. C# PDF inserting library can insert a whole PDF or part of a PDF into another PDF in multiple Visual .NET applications, such as C#, VB.NET, ASP.NET and WinForms.

This online guide shows you how to add a new page and a page from an existed PDF to current PDF using C# language.

// Open the original pdf file
PdfDocument document = PdfReader.Open("file1.pdf", PdfDocumentOpenMode.Modify);

// Insert a blank page to an existed pdf file
PdfPage blankPage = document.InsertPage(0);

// Import another pdf document
PdfDocument importDocument = PdfReader.Open("file2.pdf", PdfDocumentOpenMode.Import);

// Get a pdf page from a pdf file
PdfPage importPage = importDocument.Pages[0];

// Insert a created pdf page to an existed pdf file
document.InsertPage(1, importPage);

// Save and show the document           

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