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Rotate PDF pages permanently in any PDF file.

PDF rotation is changing the orientation of pdf pages either from landscape to portrait or viceversa.

.NET PDF Rotator allows developers to permanently rotate PDF document page and save rotated PDF document back or as a new file. C# PDF rotating control can make a rotation in PDF pages from multiple Visual .NET applications, such as C#, VB.NET, ASP.NET and WinForms.

Rotation is based on 90 angles increments (90 degrees, 180 degrees or 270 degrees in both clockwise and anticlockwise). This online guide shows you how to rotate multiple pages in PDF using C# language.

// Open the original pdf file
PdfDocument inputDocument = PdfReader.Open("file1.pdf", PdfDocumentOpenMode.Import);

// Create new document
PdfDocument rotateDocument = new PdfDocument();

for (int i = 0; i < inputDocument.PageCount; i++)
    // Rotate each pdf page orientation to 90 degree
    PdfPage page = inputDocument.Pages[i];
    page.Rotate = 90;

// Save and show the document           

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