New Libary: XsHtml.dll, Version:

Date: 2019.03

Convert Html to PDF document or Image format.

Support from web URL and local html file.

Support separated CSS file imported.

Upgrade Libary: XsPDF.dll, Version: 7.12.0,3976

Date: 2018.12

Add new feature: PDF sign. Allow developer add text and image digital signature to PDF document.

Add new feature: support convert pdf to grayscale image.

Bug fixes.

New Libary: XsOCR.dll, Version:

Date: 2017.03

Recogize text from image formats, also support from multi-page tiff.

Support extract text from whole page image or target area in image.

Support commonly used 63 languages.

New Libary: XsExcel.dll, Version:

Date: 2016.04

Stand alone SDK, no need Microsoft Office installed.

Create, Read or Write Excel workbooks from file or Stream.

Import and export Excel sheets from DataTable and DataSet.

Upgrade Libary: XsPDF.dll, Version:

Date: 2015.01

Add new feature: PDF to images. Support converting PDF document to jpg, png, tif, gif and bmp image format. Also support converting whole PDF to multi-page tiff.

Bug fixes.

Upgrade Libary: XsPDF.dll, Version:

Date: 2013.08

Add new feature: create barcode image into PDF. Support Code128, Code39, UPC-A, EAN-13, QR Code, PDF417, Data Matrix and Aztec Code.

Bug fixes.

Upgrade Libary: XsPDF.dll, Version:

Date: 2012.09

Add new feature: create chart graphics into PDF. Support Column chart, Bar chart, Pie chart, Line chart, Stacked Column chart, Stacked Bar chart, Exploeded Pie chart and Area chart.

Bug fixes.

Upgrade Libary: XsPDF.dll, Version:

Date: 2011.07

Bug fixes.

New Libary: XsPDF.dll, first release

Date: 2010.08

Create, Read, Edit or Write PDF documents from file or Stream.

Insert, extract, append, concatenate, split PDF documents.

Read/Extract images and text.

Password protect/unprotect PDF.